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Monro Inc. suffers sales and income decline this year

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Monro Inc., based in Rochester, has registered a downturn in its second quarter of the fiscal year 2024 with sales witnessing a 2.3% dip, settling at $322.1 million. This drop led to a 1.5% decline in net income compared to the same timeframe the previous year. Despite this, the diluted earnings per share remained consistent at $.40, while the adjusted figure was $.41, a slight decrease from the $.43 of Q2 2023.

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Attributing the decline, Monro pinpointed customers holding off tire purchases due to ongoing inflationary strains which affected sales of high-end retail items. The statistics revealed a 4% decrease in sales for tires and alignments, a 3% decline for brakes, and a 5% drop for front-end tasks. However, a notable rise was observed in battery sales, which surged by 12%. The company’s operating expenses came in at $92.6 million, making up 28.8% of sales, whereas the previous year’s figure was slightly higher at $93.3 million, or 28.3% of sales. The Q2 operating income, meanwhile, was $22.4 million, down from $23.5 million in 2023.

Monro Inc. suffers sales and income decline this year

Mike Broderick, Monro’s CEO, remarked on the situation, emphasizing the company’s resilient business model. He said, “We counteracted this industry-wide slowdown with strategies to curb non-productive labor expenses and managed to uphold our profitability even amid reduced tire sales.” Broderick continued, underlining their strategic focus to stimulate sales growth in underperforming stores, offer competitive pricing, and enhance customer service. He stressed the significance of a meticulous cost management approach while ensuring that service standards remain uncompromised.