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El Niño predicted to bring snowier winter to northeast, AccuWeather reports

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AccuWeather has unveiled its winter forecast for the 2023-24 season, indicating that the Northeast, including New York, should brace for a snowier winter compared to recent years, driven by a strengthening El Niño.

The forecast echoes earlier predictions from the Farmers’ Almanac and The Old Farmer’s Almanac, both of which anticipate significant snow and colder temperatures across much of the U.S. AccuWeather’s analysis suggests a fluctuating snow pattern for the Northeast, with an active period starting in November, a quieter December, and another snowy surge post-New Year.

While lake-effect snows are expected due to cold air interacting with the warmer waters of the Great Lakes, AccuWeather’s Paul Pastelok emphasizes this winter won’t match the severity of Buffalo’s record-breaking snowstorms from 2022.

Cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, which experienced mild snowfalls last winter, are set to receive accumulations closer to their historical averages this season.

Describing El Niño as a significant climate phenomenon characterized by above-average water temperatures in parts of the Pacific Ocean, AccuWeather highlights its reputation for accuracy in weather forecasting.

For context, Rochester, NY, usually sees an average snowfall of around 102 inches, with the 2022 winter logging only 50.4 inches. The city’s snowiest recorded season in recent decades was in 2002-03 with 135.2 inches, while its least snowy winter took place in 1932-33 with a mere 29.2 inches.