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SAFETY MOMENT: Seatbelts save lives

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  • Kyle Black 

Seat belts save lives. Seatbelts are always required at our facility no matter traveling 2 feet or 2000 feet. We have noticed on our local roads that some refrain from making this safe choice. According to the NHTSA in the Northeast Region the seatbelt use rate stands at 91.1%. Proper use of seatbelts keeps drivers and passengers safe and secure inside a vehicle. And airbags are a supplement to seat belt use, not a substitute.

Did you know?

  • A person ejected from a vehicle has a 6% survival rate. (Minnesota State Police)
  • Properly using a seatbelt in the front seat of a passenger car reduces the chance of fatal injury by 45%. (NHTSA)

Learn more with this survival story by a teen driver who fell asleep at the wheel:

Safety is our #1 value at Seneca Meadows, and this message is worth it even if it saves one life.  Life is delicate. It starts with one.