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NY introduces laws to strengthen fight against human trafficking

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In a determined move against human trafficking, Gov. Kathy Hochul recently endorsed a suite of laws that will amplify the state’s interagency task force. The new measures also mandate transportation centers like airports, bus terminals, and truck stops to disseminate information about New York’s human trafficking intervention services.

The augmented task force will incorporate members from a diverse set of state departments, ranging from the division of criminal services and the Department of Health to the Office of Victim Services and the New York State Police, with the inclusion of the Secretary of State being a notable addition.

The need for a holistic approach to tackle human trafficking was emphasized by Sen. Roxanne Persaud (D-19th Senate District), who also pointed out the emerging nexus between social media and trafficking. Part of the legislative bundle tasks the state’s interagency group to scrutinize this digital correlation.

Persaud noted, “Too many kids are disappearing because of the interactions they are having online with their social media accounts.” While acknowledging the significance of these laws, Persaud stressed that the battle against human trafficking demands continued efforts.

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