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Spectrum introduces Xumo: A cost-saving upgrade for NY customers

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Spectrum TV users in New York are poised for an upgrade as Charter Communications, in collaboration with Comcast, introduces the Xumo Stream Box as the primary video device for the cable provider.

Announced on Wednesday, the Xumo Stream Box promises a streamlined live TV experience, integrating popular apps and providing customers with aggregated search capabilities and tailored content based on individual preferences.

The device, retailing at $60 or available through a $5 monthly installment for a year, boasts access to over 250 apps, including mainstream platforms such as Apple TV+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. In contrast to Spectrum’s traditional set-top box, which costs $10.99 monthly, the Xumo device offers potential savings, particularly when purchasing the device outright.

Customers interested in switching to the Xumo device can do so if they are Spectrum Internet subscribers. The transition is made easier as existing users have the option to exchange their current set-top boxes for the Xumo variant. Devices can be acquired at Spectrum retail locations, online, or by contacting customer service. Furthermore, Comcast has signaled intentions to make the Xumo Stream Box available to Xfinity users in the near future.