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Delays in insurance coverage stumble New York’s updated COVID vaccine rollout

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Recent days have seen hiccups in New York’s introduction of new COVID-19 vaccines due to delayed health insurance coverage. Multiple residents reported being asked to pay around $120 upfront or reschedule their vaccinations. However, according to CVS Health and certain health plans, this issue is being addressed. Beginning this week, vaccines will be available without any out-of-pocket costs, and federal programs are set to cover expenses for the uninsured.

The previous editions of the COVID-19 vaccines were free for Americans, with costs shouldered by federal government purchases. However, with the cessation of the federal pandemic emergency declaration last spring, the onus for vaccine funding now falls on health insurance firms and government health schemes such as Medicaid and Medicare. The New York Health Plan Association communicated that insurers obtained the necessary coding for updating vaccine coverage recently, causing a few appointment reschedules last Friday. The association further clarified that future vaccinations would come without any consumer cost sharing.

Errors in communication played a role in the confusion. Representatives for Empire BlueCross BlueShield say that the CDC had misinformed health plans regarding the vaccine’s availability timeline. As a result, certain members’ claims were prematurely rejected. The CDC has yet to comment on these claims. Nonetheless, Empire is re-evaluating these claims, ensuring members receive their vaccines with no copay. New Yorkers seeking the new booster can locate providers via or through the federal hotline.