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Ontario County’s housing assessment is complete: Four public meetings scheduled for September

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After a year-long intensive study, Ontario County, in collaboration with Urban Partners, is wrapping up its county-wide Housing Needs Assessment. The initiative, which started last year, aimed to analyze the current housing stock, pinpoint disparities in housing availability, recognize factors causing such disparities, and strategize solutions.

Throughout the study, significant emphasis was placed on community engagement. Over 1,000 residents participated in a housing survey, while more than 50 county housing stakeholders were interviewed. Additionally, several in-person workshops were organized to discuss the initial findings. The study explored existing housing conditions, detailed sales, rental, and affordable housing markets, identified inequities in housing access, and highlighted potential avenues for enhancing housing options.

The Housing Needs Assessment will be showcased in four community meetings slated for September 11th and 12th, open to all residents. The aim is to share the study’s findings, outline goals, suggest strategies, and lay down vital steps for tackling the county’s housing challenges. While the content remains consistent across all meetings, residents wishing to attend are requested to RSVP at [email protected]. Meeting details, including dates, times, and venues, have been provided for those interested.

Ontario County extends its gratitude to the community for its active participation in this endeavor. For those interested in delving deeper into the findings, the Draft Final Report and Interim Report Presentation can be accessed on the County’s website, with a concise study summary set to be posted after the community meetings.

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