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TC3 childcare center investigation reveals staff misconduct

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Tompkins-Cortland Community College (TC3) President Amy Kremenek disclosed findings from investigations into the on-campus childcare center in a letter to parents.

Stemming from allegations raised on August 3 originally reported by CNYCentral about the mistreatment of children at the center, two teachers have since been removed from their positions.

Mixed messages arose when the center’s director initially deemed the allegations baseless and declared investigations closed. However, Kremenek later clarified that inquiries were still underway. The State Office of Children and Family Services found validity in two specific allegations, leading to the removal of the involved teachers, while seven other claims were debunked.

Addressing the emotional impact on parents and the community, Kremenek expressed deep concern over the findings. She affirmed that the primary goal is to restore trust in the childcare center. An internal review by the college’s Human Resources department is set to delve deeper, involving interviews and suggested actions. An external consultant will also assess the center’s procedures and engage with the staff.

The president concluded by assuring parents of the full cooperation of the center’s personnel during ongoing investigations.