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Combine and field fire in Wayne County (photos)

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On July 26 the Clyde Fire Department responded to a substantial fire in Galen, Wayne County, involving a combine and large field.

The day shift crew and rescue units 2 and 16, accompanied by Cars 2-1, 2-3, and 2-5, rushed to the scene, initially calling for a tanker from Savannah due to the severity and location of the fire.

Upon arrival, they found that both the combine’s head and a large portion of the field were ablaze.

The situation led to a request for Savannah’s brush and Junius’s tanker instead of the initially asked for tanker. The incident was originally reported by The Cayuga Seneca Fire Wire.

Clyde firefighters, aided by Savannah and Junius Fire Departments, successfully used two hose lines to tackle both the combine head and the field fire, with the help of larger tractors from the farm to manage hot spots in the field.

Following the successful extinguishment of the fire, crews returned to service, extending thanks to both assisting departments for their effective collaboration.