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Nexii constructs new Thruway rest stops: “Sustainable, durable, and energy efficient”

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While there’s been a lot of focus on design issues of the revitalized New York State Thruway rest stops, a lesser-known story has proven interesting.

Green construction company Nexii Building Solutions is the team responsible for building these facilities for Applegreen. It is the first of 13 service plaza structures that Nexii will manufacture over the next two years. Last year, Nexii completed 10 buildings in this ongoing project’s first phase, which included the Junius Ponds and Clifton Springs locations in the Finger Lakes.

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Acting as a subcontractor for AECOM Tishman, Nexii designed and manufactured the high-performance building envelopes as efficient, sustainable alternatives to traditional commercial rest-stop buildings.

Speaking to the effort of Nexii, Gregor Robertson, EVP of Strategy and Partnership at Nexii said the project is an example of the company’s ability to transform the way building takes place. The focus being buildings that are more sustainable, durable, and energy efficient.

These state of the art buildings were constructed using panels, which are made of a concrete-alternative. It’s a breakthrough for Nexii, and the material is called Nexiite.

Nexii’s building solution requires fewer resources, produces near-zero on-site construction waste, and significantly reduces end-to-end carbon emissions. Wall panels for this project were precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing build times and construction costs and creating disaster-resilient, highly energy-efficient buildings.

Nexii Building Solutions, a Canadian company specializing in low-carbon building solutions, has committed to reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry. A preliminary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) indicates a 36% reduction in embodied carbon in Nexii’s panels compared to traditional high-performance tilt-up designs. “This project is a fantastic example of green infrastructure. We’re thrilled to be part of this ongoing project and to supply sustainable, smart building materials for 23 rest-stop buildings along the New York State Thruway,” Robertson added in a conversation with