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Fayette schedules first public session in comprehensive plan process

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The Town of Fayette has announced the first Public Forum as part of the Fayette FORWARD 2045 Comprehensive Plan process. The Comprehensive  Plan will serve as a decision-making framework and tool to accelerate the community’s  progress toward a shared vision and set of planning principles. 

A comprehensive plan is both a process and guiding document that evaluates aspects  of a community’s operations and market conditions to create a roadmap toward achieving a vision for the community’s future. The Fayette FORWARD 2045 plan seeks to  focus on and reinforce the following five policy areas: 

  • Infrastructure (e.g. water, sewer, broadband) 
  • Hamlet Revitalization 
  • Economic Vitality  
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainability  
  • Community Connectivity  

A steering committee, composed of residents, business owners, and cultural  stakeholders, is guiding the planning process. The steering committee will host a public  forum on June 21 at the Fayette Fire Department, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  

The session will be facilitated in a drop-in format. Residents and community  stakeholders are encouraged to stop in and provide feedback on plan elements such  as the community’s vision statements, governing principles, and policy areas, as well as  any other input that may enhance the planning process.  

Supervisor Trout states that the steering committee seeks to “plan our future in a fully  participatory way” and that the Fayette FORWARD 2045 plan aims to “strike a balance  between preserving our rural way of life while creatively leveraging areas of growth  and opportunity.” 

The planning process is set to conclude in the fall, with an initial draft delivered to the  Town Board by the end of 2023. For more information on plan activities, or to provide  additional input on plan elements, visit the Town website at