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Tracking invasive species in New York is easy with new resources

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) concluded its annual Invasive Species Awareness Week, underlining the ongoing struggle against invasive wildlife.

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Such species can cause significant harm, including habitat loss, native species extermination, recreational opportunity reduction, public safety risks, crop damage, and potential human diseases.

Established in 2008, the New York Invasive Species Information (NYIS) works to manage and control invasive species in New York State. This collaborative initiative between the DEC, the NYS Environmental Protection Fund, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, and the Cornell Cooperative Extension reports at least 50 invasive species in the state.

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While some are widely recognized, like Asian Carp or Emerald Ash Borer beetles, others like Kudzu or Eurasian Boar are less known but equally destructive. NYIS and Cornell have curated a list of best management practices to combat these species, ranging from chemical spraying to manual removal.

The DEC also encourages New Yorkers to report invasive species through a free iMapInvasives account, highlighting the efficacy of community reports in managing these threats.