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Historic focus in Wayne County

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It’s been a significant year for Wayne County.

Among the major events the historical transformation of the county’s original courthouse and “gaol” (jail) into the present-day Museum of Wayne County History, and the headquarters for the Wayne County Historical Society has received a lot of attention.

The museum, located at the top of Church St. hill on Butternut St, still preserves its historical charm with a two-story beige building adorned with red shutters.

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Deb Hall, currently working at the County Economic Development and Planning office, is set to become the Executive Director of the Historical Society and museum beginning June 1. This appointment comes after the society experienced a brief period of instability, with two directors leaving in quick succession.

Linda Stevenson, who managed daily operations at the Museum and fiscal reporting for the Museum and the Wayne County Bicentennial Committee, commends Hall’s organizational and problem-solving skills.

Hall’s long-standing connection with Wayne County, coupled with her business experience through her company, Back Bohne LLC, is expected to infuse a fresh perspective into the Society’s mission of preserving local history. Society Board President Kathi Marshall welcomed Hall, expecting her leadership to effectively manage the vast collection of local artifacts and facilitate special events, exhibit changes, and the museum’s general operations.