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Seneca Falls resident taking legal route to stop work on ‘historic’ home

There’s a new fight over historic preservation brewing in Seneca Falls.

Emil Bove Jr., a prominent figure in the historic preservation, has initiated legal proceedings to challenge a ruling by the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).

The dispute arose when property owner William Bailey was permitted by the ZBA to replace original floor-length windows with smaller ones at his Fall Street residence, a decision Bove believes undermines the historic preservation efforts in the district.

Bove’s petition, filed with the state Supreme Court, seeks to overturn the ZBA’s decision on the grounds of improper procedures and disregarding historical importance. The property in question, built in the 19th century, had its second-floor windows identified as key historic elements, which the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) advised to retain.

Bailey’s appeal to replace these windows was granted by the ZBA, despite Bove’s assertion that the move contravenes the district’s historic preservation code. The petition’s hearing date remains unscheduled.