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How Simple Oxygen Therapy Guarantees a Healthier Lifestyle

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Oxygen makes up 23% of the atmosphere, most studies have revealed. Oxygen is the reason you are alive today. You can read this post because of your ability to access oxygen. People who cannot breathe enough oxygen suffer from one disorder or another. Such people may have to supplement their oxygen intake with oxygen therapy. Beneficiaries of oxygen therapy sleep more, experience an energy boost and have a better quality of life. 

So, is oxygen therapy meant for only sick people? Because there seems to be some kind of misconception about who needs oxygen therapy.

Who is Oxygen Therapy for?

The debate on who needs oxygen therapy has been going on for years. While some believe it is for sick people, others share a different view. Oxygen therapy was first designed for people that cannot access enough oxygen naturally. Then it was for people with various lung conditions. With oxygen therapy, such people could breathe more oxygen and lead healthy life. 

However, when discussing oxygen therapy, it is good to also look at the different oxygen therapy types. A good grasp of the different oxygen therapies will help you understand who it is meant for. The various oxygen therapies are;

  • Liquid oxygen
  • Oxygen gas
  • Oxygen concentrators, and
  • HBOT

Let us look at the various therapies one by one in a bid to answer the above question. 

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid oxygen storage can be in tanks. They are usually more concentrated than oxygen gas. Highly active people are the highest custodians of liquid oxygen. However, this type of oxygen has to be used within a specific timeframe. Otherwise, it will leak out from its storage. Users can refill the tanks. Liquid oxygen is supplied to homes in many places. 

Oxygen Gas

Oxygen gas is stored in portable tanks, also known as compression gas systems. The larger storage systems are normally used inside the house because they are almost immovable. Smaller tanks can be used outside. People who use small gas tanks go along with devices that will help them manage how they use the oxygen. Oxygen gas delivers oxygen in pulses. They are not like typical cooking gas that supplies its gas continuously. Home delivery for oxygen gas is also possible in most climes. 

Oxygen Concentrators

Unlike the other options above, oxygen concentrators have limitations in their movement. Oxygen concentrators collect air from a room and process it to produce oxygen. The concentrator also gets rid of other natural gases in the collected air. The produced oxygen is for therapeutic purposes. Concentrators have unique advantages because they are not as costly as other options and don’t need refilling. Although some versions are portable, the bulky, less portable ones are the most common. 

Oxygen distribution to the user passes via a tube from the tank. The oxygen goes to the user’s lungs through various means. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy differs from the other therapy methods discussed above. HBOT users inhale pure oxygen inside a pressurized system. The pressurized room is also known as a chamber. Hyperbaric chambers have air pressures that are two or three times normal atmospheric pressure. High pressure accounts for the delivery of more oxygen to body tissues. The volume and rate of oxygen delivery to body tissues form the basis for treating several ailments. 

Additionally, hyperbaric therapy is not only for people that are sick. Experts have continued to reveal how HBOT can be used as a preventive measure against many everyday health challenges. Above all, you can use it to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Hyperbaric therapy must not be abused because extremely high pressure is not okay for our bodies. Hence, you need to be careful of the kind of HBOT chamber you are getting. OxyHelp produces safe and efficient HBOT chambers. Their chambers function with a maximum pressure of 2ATM, which is considered okay for your body tissues. 

Any Guidelines for Oxygen Therapy?

You should speak with a doctor before proceeding with any oxygen therapy. The health professional will prescribe how often you should use the method and how you would use it. The volume of oxygen and flow rate will be part of the prescription. That is important because you need to observe all your doctor’s instructions. If you think a particular oxygen therapy is not yielding the necessary results, meet with your doctors before adopting a new therapy. 

The best oxygen therapy for you will depend on many reasons. Some people only need oxygen therapy necessary when exercising or sleeping. Others may have to use the therapy for most of their lives. The use of alcohol or drugs is not advised when undertaking any of the oxygen therapies. It is easy to guard against many health problems when you use HBOT since it is safe and efficient. 

What Safety Measures are Necessary for Oxygen Therapy?

Just because oxygen is an inflammable gas doesn’t mean you have to be careless about it. Oxygen is a significant component of combustion. Combustion is faster where there is sufficient oxygen. The more oxygen available, the quicker a fire will burn. No form of oxygen therapy is encouraged around heaters and open flames. Safely store all oxygen gas tanks too. 

Safety tips outlined

  • No smoking should be allowed in a space where oxygen therapy is done.
  • Keep oxygen tanks away from gas or stove.
  • Store oxygen gas tanks in places with adequate air supply. 


This post has attempted to explain the different oxygen therapies. While the others are best suited for people with lung conditions, anyone can use HBOT. You do not need to fall sick before you can use hyperbaric oxygen chambers. In addition to ensuring a healthier lifestyle, hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are effective for correcting certain health anomalies. If you seek a reliable HBOT system, consider OxyHelp hyperbaric oxygen chambers

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