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What should be done with the Butler Correctional Facility?

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Wayne County is taking further action towards the redevelopment of the long-shuttered Butler Correctional Facility, following their expression of interest to the state earlier this year.

The Economic Development and Planning Committee has approved a measure that is expected to be considered by the full board later this month. The measure involves accepting a $30,000 state grant and transferring an equal amount in matching funds to the county’s Business Park Facility Study budget. The funds are designated for a market evaluation of the property, and the county is currently seeking a consultant to conduct the study.

Wayne County has been in discussions with state officials, including the Prison Redevelopment Commission about potential redevelopment plans for the Butler facility. After receiving a letter of interest from the county in January, the commission requested a more detailed outline of Wayne County’s redevelopment plan for the Westbury Cutoff Road prison, which closed in 2014.

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Local and regional state legislators are eager to repurpose the 200-acre property, located in the towns of Butler and Wolcott on Westbury Cutoff Road, as it shows signs of decline. However, some officials have questioned the necessity of the evaluation process, citing the interest of two unnamed businesses in the property.

The Wayne County Land Bank could potentially spearhead the redevelopment of the facility.