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What’s next for Watkins Glen now that the village has a new mayor?

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Laurie DeNardo has been elected as the new mayor of Watkins Glen.

She secured the position with a 289-198 win in last week’s election filling the vacancy left by resignation.

DeNardo, who has served on the village board for seven years, said she plans to work with a cohesive board to improve the village. She hopes to balance economic development with the safety of the community, including securing grants for infrastructure and long-term housing.

DeNardo recognizes the housing shortage in the village and is working towards securing grants for infrastructure. She also plans to be open and transparent, setting up technology for remote viewing of meetings and working with the police to address concerns affecting residents.

As Watkins Glen is a popular tourist destination, DeNardo wants to support small businesses year-round, especially during the winter season when locals struggle with a lack of places to eat.

While she does not have a long list of things to change, DeNardo hopes for ongoing community feedback and engagement, particularly with the younger community. She wants to become part of the solution and invites the community to approach her with their concerns.

DeNardo will be sworn in on April 4 at 6 p.m.