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Fraudulent tax returns: Be aware of your tax preparer

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In just one month the deadline for tax returns will be here, but it’s important to make sure they aren’t fraudulent.

fraudulent tax returns by tax preparers

According to ABC 15, some people are still dealing with issues surrounding their taxes from years prior.

One man named Dan Zimmerman is trying to figure out a situation stemming from a tax return from years ago. He was told by the IRS that they destroyed a check he sent to pay his taxes. When he sent a new check, he ended up with a $1,000 overpayment but the IRS hasn’t done anything to reach out.

He’s called numerous times with no answer, and in 2021 only 11% of people who called the IRS got through. In 2022 that percentage was 13%.

This year 4,000 customer service representatives have been added by the IRS. Special Agent Brian Watson tells ABC 15 that now 85% of calls are answered.

Many of the calls are regarding refunds, but people should be concerned about fraudulent tax preparers

Watson says he’s currently investigating someone who has done this right now. While preparers usually file taxes the way they’re supposed to, some are putting fake information on returns.

This includes added a fake business. The fake business will have a loss, which then reduces income and increases the refund.

The tax preparers committing this fraud are then suggested to other clients, increasing their own business.

Other forms of fraud include adding children that you don’t actually have, but someone else does.

To keep yourself safe, make sure to check your return line by line, check that the tax payer signed the return, and make sure to check the IRS directory to see tax preparers that have the required preparer tax ID number.

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