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Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century coming April 21st

The Nineteenth Annual Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century will take place on April 21st, 2023, at the Gateway Building SUNY ESF. The event, which focuses on renewable energy, will feature cutting-edge speakers who will discuss the most up-to-date and relevant topics in the field.

This year’s symposium will focus on resilience and mitigation in the face of climate change. With extreme weather becoming more frequent and severe, it has become evident that we need to prepare for the impacts of climate change. The speakers at the symposium will explore pragmatic adaptation solutions being planned for resilience and mitigation both in our state and in the country.

The event will be attended by up to 400 people both in person and virtually, with participants ranging from prominent industry professionals to students and interested citizens. Commissioners, mayors, developers, architects, lawyers, engineers, farmers, and many college students are among those who will attend the symposium to hear the most up-to-date and cutting-edge information available on renewable energy policy and how renewable energy will be key to resiliency, mitigation, and adaptation.

The symposium will feature a panel of experts who will discuss the following topics:

  • Bridging Climate Change Resilience and Mitigation
  • Grid Preparation for Vulnerability, Resiliency with Renewable Energy
  • The Importance and Future of Energy Storage
  • Energy Justice Impacts and Need for Resiliency in the Minority Communities
  • Jobs For the New Market in Resiliency
  • New York State Plans for Resiliency

The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with experts and peers on specific topics related to energy. These sessions will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to share their ideas and experiences and learn from others in the field.

The symposium is organized by Rhea Jezer, PhD, who serves as the symposium director. The event is sponsored by a loyal and diverse group of sponsors, including prominent industry leaders and organizations.

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  • See Symposium Flyer Here

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