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Bristol Mountain working against mild winter: Still plenty of time left to get outdoors

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Bristol Mountain has been working overtime this winter to keep skiing and snowboarding rolling.

Recently, News10NBC spoke with Steven Fuller from Bristol Mountain about some of the things they’ve done to combat the mild winter here in Upstate New York.

Fuller said the lack of snow had been a significant challenge for the mountain, particularly in light of the fact that it had not snowed in people’s backyards. This has led some people, particularly those who have never skied or snowboarded before, to not think about taking up these activities.

However, Fuller emphasized that even with virtually no natural snow, Bristol Mountain had plenty of snow for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. He noted that the mountain had made it its mission to focus on letting people know that there was snow available at Bristol Mountain, and that the mountain had been hoarding all the Rochester snow.

While the mild weather has affected the snow-making process, Fuller stated that Bristol Mountain had tried to make as much snow as possible this winter. He added that with colder weather in the forecast, the mountain planned to continue making snow. While it may not be as typical as a normal year, with a lot of winter remaining, the mountain was still focused on making snow.

Fortunately, snow is expected at the end of the week, which will help boost the mountain’s snowpack. In addition, Fuller stated that March is expected to be cold, which will also aid the snow-making process for the remainder of the season. For more information on events and open trails at Bristol Mountain, visit the mountain’s website.