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Here a siren? Ithaca College will test emergency sirens

Ithaca College has announced a scheduled test of its emergency alert system for Thursday, February 16. The test, which will take place during the noon hour, will involve the sounding of sirens and public address announcements on the college campus.

The IC Alert Emergency Notification System utilizes voice, email, and text messaging to deliver emergency messages to members of the Ithaca College community, according to the college. The system is tested periodically to increase awareness of its availability among the campus community and to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

The Rave Guardian mobile app is used by IC for emergency communications. Ithaca College community members may visit and sign in with their IC username and password to configure their alerts. The college’s IC Alert webpage notes that, by default, ENS (Emergency Notification System) messages are sent to all active Ithaca College email accounts and to faculty and staff office telephones listed in the campus directory. Students, staff, and faculty members may add additional phone numbers to receive alerts.

The college encourages community members to have multiple means of receiving alerts in order to ensure access to vital information in a timely manner, the IC Alert webpage explains. The college reminds the community that not everyone will receive an alert message by each method at the same time due to system capacity.

The test on Thursday will be an opportunity to ensure that the emergency alert system is in working order and that members of the college community are familiar with the steps required to receive alerts in the event of an actual emergency.