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5 Reasons to Make Zurich Your Next Must-See Destination

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When you talk about Zurich in Switzerland, many people think about all those banks and probably a lot of chocolate and luxury watches too, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye here.

If you dig deeper, you’ll find that Zurich has loads of great party vibes, stunning nature, and tons of fascinating history, art, and culture.

The city changes at different times of the year, as a Swiss winter visit will be vastly different to a summer vacation, but you’ll find that it’s still must-see depending on whether you need a big jacket or not! Prices will vary throughout the seasons, so booking a flight to Zurich ahead of time is essential for economical traveling.

So, let’s get into the many reasons as to why Zurich is fantastic to visit on your next Euro trip.

Lake Zurich

Any postcard you send from Zurich is bound to feature images from Lake Zurich, as it’s one of the most picturesque locations in Switzerland. You’re never short on activities on the lake, as you can not only go for a swim, but also hire paddleboards, motorboats, or even pedal boats.

If being on the water isn’t your thing, then just lounge on the sand, a nearby park, or simply one of the many bars and restaurants that let you admire the amazing views while sipping a drink and trying the local delicacies.

The Old Town

Like many European cities, Zurich has an Old Town district that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. The delightful, winding streets are filled with medieval-looking houses and cobblestones that take you back centuries in time.

If admiring the architecture wasn’t enough, you’ve also got dozens and dozens of quaint, little cafes, unique stores selling all kinds of fanciful items and clothing, and some restaurants serving the best kinds of Swiss cheese, chocolate, and delicious meats and vegetarian options. There’s no end for the person who loves cheese!

However, don’t get the idea that the Old Town is a slow, plodding area, as you’ll also find the trendiest nightclubs and bars that play anything from techno to hip-hop to the latest pop music. If you want to party and have some fun, then you’ll find something to do in the Old Town. Niederdorf, Zurich West, and Langstrasse are three of the main areas for dancing and partying the night away.

Shop ‘till you drop

Even if you’re not such a fan of buying new items, it’s still a wonderful idea to walk around the stores and at least go window-shopping! There are so many designer brands selling all kinds of fancy things, especially on Bahnhofstrasse, which is easily the most popular and luxurious shopping street in Zurich.

You’ll also find many more independent boutiques, vintage shops, and tasteful souvenir stores that make the experience of shopping in Zurich quite enjoyable. On certain dates there are also street markets that sell all kinds of magnificent food, clothing, jewelry, etc. Switzerland does have a reputation for being pricey, but you can still be a thrifty shopper and find bargains along the way.

Like any modern bustling metropolis, Zurich is full of incredible museums and galleries that really showcase the city’s heritage and virtuosity in one fell swoop. Whatever your tastes, there’s something for you to indulge in and feel like you’ve learned about Zurich’s past, present and future after your visit.

Galerie Eva Presenhuber and Kunsthalle Zurich are two of the most interesting galleries, while the Swiss National Museum is not to be missed.

Visiting the outdoors

While the city of Zurich is exciting enough, the great thing about the location is its proximity to nearby mountains and hills. If you’re the adventurous type, there are so many hiking, skiing, and biking areas that are only a short drive or train ride away. Even just visiting some of the many parks is enough to feel revitalized, such as the Arboretum Zurich, which is a public park and botanical garden.

As you can see from this list, it’s impossible to be bored when visiting Zurich for the first time.

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