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Tyre officials move forward with plan to create new fire company

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The Tyre Town Board will meet in a special session on February 7th for a workshop to review drafted bylaws and articles of incorporation for the creation of a new fire company. This follows a unanimous vote by the board last October to form a new incorporated town fire company, after the state Attorney General’s Office dissolved the Magee Fire Department in January 2022 due to irregularities and violations of state gaming and labor laws.

Since then, the town has contracted with the Galen-Clyde Fire District for fire protection services and is preparing a 2018 Spartan Pumper apparatus for use by Tyre resident firefighters. The town acquired all assets of the Magee Fire Department in July 2022 under court direction and will use them for fire protection within the town.

Supervisor Beth Partee stated that the process of forming a new fire company will take time and the town has the legal authority to appoint members, adopt bylaws and regulations, and form the new fire company under the not-for-profit corporation law. An intermunicipal agreement between the town and Galen-Clyde Fire District is also in the works.

The town was given $2.8 million in assets from the Magee Fire Department, including firehouses, engines, and real property, and had to pay off $169,000 in liens and unpaid bills. Tyre rejected continuing to contract with Galen-Clyde, extending the Galen-Clyde Fire District to include the town, and creating a new, townwide fire district in favor of forming a new fire company under the control of the town board and a group of Tyre residents.

The fire protection being provided by Galen-Clyde is reportedly very good and will continue until the new fire company can be formed.