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Federal funding: $130M coming to New York’s healthcare system

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New York State’s healthcare system is set to receive a significant boost as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has secured more than $130 million in federal funding to help the state’s workers and facilities.

Gillibrand said the funding will play a fundamental role in addressing the current healthcare worker shortage and strain on the state’s public health infrastructure. “This significant funding also invests in key medical priorities, like research for Lyme and tick-borne diseases and the addressing the rising rate of maternal deaths in the United States. These programs will help ensure all New York patients receive the care they deserve and will promote positive health outcomes for populations in medically underserved communities. New York’s health care system and our health care providers have been under historic levels of stress and these federal dollars will help get us back on track and build a more resilient future,” she said.

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The funds will be allocated to a number of different programs including maternal health care services and addressing the maternal mortality and postpartum depression (PPD) crises facing the nation. Additionally, $50 million will be used to bolster the community healthcare workforce, $9.2 million for Academic Centers for Public Health Preparedness, $47 million for Area Health Education Centers and $33 million for research, surveillance and prevention for Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

This investment comes as a welcome relief to New York’s healthcare system which has been under significant stress due to COVID-19 pandemic and the number of under served communities in the state. The funding will support the healthcare workforce and infrastructure and addressing the pressing health crises in the state, such as maternal mortality, tick-borne diseases and emergency response preparedness.