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5 Interesting Ways to Use NFTs in Video Games

It’s 2023 and non-fungible tokens or NFTs, the blockchain, and the metaverse are both terms that have been thrown around so much that you might not be aware of where exactly the crypto space has already started integrating itself into.

One industry that is getting a lot of fanfare for being a gateway of crypto technology is gaming. In particular, many different games and game developers have already started tinkering with the idea of how they could combine blockchain or crypto technology with their video games.

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly crypto concepts, particularly NFTs, are being used in video games — well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will be taking a good look at how different video game companies have started to use NFTs in video games.

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Now, back to NFTs and video games. It’s time to start taking a look at 5 Interesting Ways to Use NFTs in Video Games.

  1. Characters, champions, agents, or heroes as NFTs

This is probably going to be the most obvious and more commonly used way that NFTs are being used in video games. This is because most video games have characters for gamers to play.

So, it makes sense that game companies make certain characters or heroes in their games as NFTs. This allows players to be able to exchange their favorite characters for real value or to even feel a deeper sense of ownership of their character since they are NFTs and thus, non-fungible (in other words, unique!).

  1. Pets, monsters, or creatures as NFTs

By extension, it is going to be super interesting to see how game developers will make pets, monsters, and creatures as NFTs. Think Pokemon but you can actually own your pet companion and be proud that he or she or is actually only yours!

It would also apply to monsters you can summon as companions in battle or as ways to progress within a certain game. You will now be able to exchange these monsters or trade them for real value.

  1. Cosmetic items as NFTs

Now, this may seem obvious but having cosmetic items as NFTs is going to be really interesting since it has the potential to seriously change the online gaming marketplace as we know it.

As it stands, so many game companies are already making millions from skins, cosmetics, weapons, costumes, and other items through micro-transactions. With these items being turned into NFTs, the user-owned items will create a very diverse and gamer-centered marketplace. Truly an exciting possibility for the future of gaming economics!

  1. Special levels and areas as NFTs

Another interesting way that game developers and game companies can integrate NFTs in their games is by making special levels and areas in-game as NFTs. This is going to be super interesting, especially since unlockable levels or special/secret areas in video games are not anything new.

With NFT integration, just like cosmetic items, special levels can be super unique and can add a new dimension to how games can be played.

  1. Collectibles and rare items as NFTs

Last, and definitely not least, game companies and game designers can turn collectibles and in-game rare items into NFTs. Now, this might sound a bit boring at first glance but think about it: the number of completionists and in-game collectors there are in the gaming world will benefit so much from these rare items becoming NFTs. How?

Well, it adds a whole new perspective on how rare items are going to be looked at since each and every item is going to be unique (as they are non-fungible). For open-world games that may live in one universe, it’s going to be a hunt for these items and winners will have the bragging rights of owning just the original one! Now that’s a new wrinkle in gaming from the inception of NFTs in gaming.

And with that, we are now done talking about 5 interesting ways to use NFTs in video games. Now, to be sure, these five ways are not the end-all, be-all of NFT gaming. In fact, there will probably be hundreds of varying implementations as the technology progresses. However, these 5 ways do give us a good glimpse of how NFT games will look like in the very near future.

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