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Study reveals COVID booster mandates are riskier than not for young people

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A new study has revealed that there are risks to mandating a COVID booster vaccine for young people that outweigh the benefits.

This was a peer reviewed study published in BMJ using an ethical analysis and empirical risk-benefit assessment. Overall it was found that booster mandates for younger people are expected to cause a net harm.

Young people and the population in the U.S. have all been struggling with understanding the safety behind the COVID vaccine and the booster that goes along with it. It’s also confusing to U.S. citizens why it’s being mandated here when other countries did not mandate the vaccine.

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Parents with children ready to leave for college are growing concerned over whether their children will be mandated to get the vaccine before they go. Just last year the FDA voted against recommending boosters for everyone. After that the Biden administration still recommended them.

Other issues surrounding the COVID booster debate include the CDC lacking a risk benefit analysis on their website.

Three things were studied to come to this conclusion: information published by the CDC, how bad people felt after getting the vaccine, and the rate of myocarditis, which has been seen a lot more in young adult males.

The study’s takeaway after combining these three data points was that the boosters aren’t actually favorable compared to the risk.

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