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Caregivers get a special day of pampering in Cayuga County

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  • Rebecca Swift 

Next week, those who care for their ill loved ones can register for a body and soul wellness event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn. It’s a new kind of event for Cayuga County.

“In the past, we would do a fall caregiver workshop that would provide some professional education where we would have a lot of experts come and talk, and it was more information and education,” Danielle Schneider with the Cayuga County Office for the Aging said Wednesday. “This year, we’re really focusing on the idea of wellness.”

Schneider said there will be a yoga instructor and life coach, who will focus on practical self-care tips for caregivers that are useful and realistic. “We know that they are limited on time,” Schneider said.

Schneider is the caregiver coordinator at the Office for the Aging. “My job is to provide resources, education and support,” she said. “What’s really gratifying for me is meeting a caregiver at first when they may not be in the best place. They may be really stressed and overwhelmed, and their loved one just got out of the hospital. But then working with them over time and seeing them access respite and get support and education is so gratifying for me.”

What is National Family Caregivers Month?

Schneider explained November is a time to honor, educate and raise awareness about support and services available to informal caregivers.

“We know that caregivers have trouble identifying themselves as caregivers,” Schneider said. “Part of the month is really recognizing that caregivers are important. If you’re stopping in and checking in with a loved one, picking up their medication, helping with their personal care needs, bringing them to church, you’re a caregiver. And there’s support and services and resources available out there for you.”

Schneider said there has been a home health-care shortage since the COVID pandemic.

“There’s a huge level of loneliness and social isolation,” Schneider said. “We know that caregivers, when they lack support, they are more at risk for being hospitalized. So the need for support is so great for them.”

The event runs from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at 74 State Street in Auburn. For information on how to register, see the flyer below.