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Is it called dressing or stuffing?

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As Thanksgiving approaches, millions of Americans are preparing for the big feast.

One of the random questions people have, according to Local Syracuse, is whether the one side dish is called stuffing or dressing.

Stuffing is defined as a seasoned mixture of breadcrumbs, vegetables, and butter that is usually placed inside the cavity of a turkey and cooked. Dressing is defined as a seasoned mixture used as a stuffing usually for poultry. Both definitions sound very similar.

Delish reports that dressing is what’s cooked outside of a turkey while stuffing is cooked inside of it. What really impacts what it’s called is the region people live in. According to Campbell’s it is called “dressing” in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Campbell’s report had a lot to offer when it came to Americans and their Thanksgiving Day preferences. In fact, 66% of people are more excited to eat the side dishes than the actual turkey. Half of the residents in the country would be happy with just the sides to eat. 73% say they don’t even have enough room for all of the things they want to eat.

42% of those who took Campbell’s survey said they would be traveling to a friend or family member’s home for the holiday. More people are opting for a casual gathering with smaller spreads and disposable plates. Most people eat between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.

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Most popular side dishes

  1. Stuffing
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Sweet potatoes
  4. Green bean casserole
  5. Macaroni and cheese

When it comes to stuffing or mashed potatoes, stuffing is the most popular carb. Massachusetts is the only state where residents couldn’t decide and feel 50/50 about both side dishes. Arkansas, Alaska, and Idaho residents do not like their sides to touch on their plate.

When it comes to budgeting this year, 69% of people said they would buy the same size or smaller turkey as they planned. 52% were looking for a smaller turkey to save money. 90% of Americans plan to serve the same number of side dishes or more. When it comes to making the food, over half of the people taking the survey said they will buy name brand products to make sure they serve the best food possible.

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