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Identity theft: Can you freeze your child’s credit report?

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Identity theft has become a major issue for millions of Americans, and now they’re worried about their children facing the same issue.

According to News Channel 10, finance expert Jarrett Felton has explained that there are cases of children’s identities being stolen. In fact, some parents are unaware it has even happened until their child is 18 and tries to get a loan to go to college. Most commonly it is children and the elderly who are targeted when it comes to identity theft.

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Felton explained that these two groups are more susceptible to having their identity and SSN stolen because they don’t have a big digital footprint in the world. By freezing your child or grandparent’s credit, it can stop anyone from opening any new lines of credit.

By visiting, you can get a free credit report every week. You must prove you are your child’s guardian when trying to pull their credit report. If a credit report doesn’t exist, that’s a good thing. This is the first step to check and see if their identity has ever been stolen. If a credit report does exist, then their identity has been used. You can freeze their credit by writing to the credit bureaus and sending them documentation like their birth certificate and SSN card.

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