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Junius receives $100K in CREST funding for snow plow

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The town of Junius will be able to purchase a much-needed snowplow, thanks to funding secured by recently re-elected Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan.

The $100,000 coming to Junius is considered CREST funding.

“Our Towns and their highways are a critical part of our community. I am proud to support the Town of Junius with this $100,000 grant,” Gallahan said. “When we think of municipalities, we think of infrastructure and it is impossible to maintain that infrastructure in New York’s climate without usable and safe plows. I’m proud to deliver the Town of Junius with this grant and look forward to working to ensure the Town’s future success.”

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Town Supervisor Ernie Brownell thanked Gallahan for the support, and said it’s critical to continue operation in the small municipality.

“As a former Town Supervisor, Assemblyman Gallahan recognizes the needs of Towns in his district and is a reliable advocate for municipalities,” he said. “We have all faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years. This funding will provide us with the opportunity to maintain infrastructure in the Town of Junius through new equipment that serves everyone. We often find ourselves with ways to improve the Town, but are unable to proceed with them due to costs. This grant changes that. I am excited for the future and am humbled by the opportunity we’ve been provided.”