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Rochester doctors discuss Pfizer’s RSV vaccine currently in the works

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RSV cases are currently rising at a rapid rate in the country, but especially in New York State in cities like Rochester.

Pfizer has shared that the company is beginning to make advancements when it comes to creating an RSV vaccine to treat the virus.

Dr. Emil Lesho of Rochester Regional Health spoke with Rochester First to talk about what this could look like.

“Right now, RSV is accounting for the majority of respiratory infections in our community and likely nationwide,” she said.

Local leaders are sharing that they feel encouraged about the new vaccine.

Dr. Steven Schulz is a pediatrician for Rochester Regional Health. He’s shared that he’s treating a large number of patients who are sick with RSV. He added that this illness is causing more sickness than usual along with plenty of other illnesses compared to years before.

Some of the reasons for the rapid and early spread include people no longer wearing masks. These same illnesses were around before the pandemic, and the mandates during the pandemic not only suppressed COVID-19, but all the other common illnesses as well.

The only company working on a vaccine for RSV right now is Pfizer and if approved, it could be given to infants and older adults. These two groups are at the highest risk for severe illness when it comes to RSV.

Doctors believe the development of the vaccine may happen faster than people expect. This is because the FDA created a breakthrough study that would accelerate the process. Necessary steps could even be finished in a few months.

The vaccine will first go for peer review before going in front of the FDA, CDC, and advisory committee for immunizations.

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