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Bright pink envelopes to be sent to those buying drugs

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Those seen buying drugs on North Clinton Avenue will soon be sent bright pink envelopes.

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Linda Kingsley, corporation counsel for the city, spoke with 13 WHAM and made it clear this was not a criminal arrest.

“So, we don’t have to witness an exchange of drugs and money,” she said. “We just need to see some interactions between a drug dealer and someone driving in the area.”

What are the pink envelopes being sent to drug buyers?

The envelope contains the details of the encounter with the drug dealer the person had, and a list of criminal and safety risks.

Kingsley stated that this problem wasn’t an inner-city, low income problem- it’s a problem of people who have money and aren’t city residents.

13 WHAM witnessed the Rochester Police Department visit a business on Clinton Ave with its narcotics team, close to a resident named Cliff.

Cliff told 13 WHAM that he’s seen needles right by the door outside the local AutoZone with people slumped over and walking in front of traffic in the area.

Cliff added that after using crack cocaine for 20 years, he has been sober for one year.

He did this by asking for help because he couldn’t do it on his own.

These pink letters are an attempt at offering help to those who may need it but aren’t asking.

Kingsley stated that maybe the envelopes would be enough to scare people into seeking out help instead of visiting Clinton Ave to buy drugs.

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