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Student loan forgiveness: Biden thinks payments will start in two weeks

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Following a court blocking student loan forgiveness payments from going out, Biden thinks they’ll start in two weeks.

student loan forgiveness payments may start in two weeks according to biden

He made the announcement on Thursday and believes that the court fight over the program will resolve quickly.

Once resolved, borrowers can expect the payments for forgiveness to be sent out.

Biden is confident in payments moving forward for the program within two weeks

According to Rochester First, Biden spoke with Nexstar in Syracuse and stated that he believes they will win the court case.

“I think in the next two weeks you’re gonna see those checks going out,” he added.

The student loan forgiveness program was stopped on Friday of last week by a federal appeals court ruling.

This in turn stopped the Biden administration from sending forgiveness payments while the court looked into the case.

Six republican states filed a lawsuit to stop the program from moving forward.

Just one day before the appeals ruling, a federal judge dismissed the case and stated the six attorneys did not demonstrate that the policy directly harms states.

What is the student loan forgiveness plan?

Student loan borrowers can expect up to $10,000 in forgiveness for their debt if they earn less that $125,000.

Those who received a Pell Grant can expect up to $20,000 in forgiveness.

As of last Friday, 22 million Americans had applied for the forgiveness once applications became available.

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