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Equifax breach payment information may be in an email

An Equifax breach happened years ago and Americans impacted have been waiting for payment information that could be in their email.

equifax breach payment information in an email

Finally though, Americans can expect the Equifax payments soon. There was a deadline for choosing your method of payout.

If you missed it there is still a way to get your payment electronically.

What happened with the Equifax breach that resulted in Americans being owed a payment

The breach happened back in 2017 when 147.9 million Americans had their personal information leaked. This is one of the biggest data breaches to happen in U.S. history, according to My Twin Tiers.

Names, Social Security numbers, birthdays, driver’s license numbers, and 200,000 credit card numbers were all leaked.

It’s been more than five years but you can still check to see if you were impacted by the breach.

The breach was disclosed by Equifax but it took over two years for anything legal to happen.

In 2019 lawyers secured $700 million dollars for a settlement that would go to impacted Americans.

People could get either $125 payments one time or ten years of free credit monitoring plus $1 million dollars in identity theft insurance.

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The deadline to file a claim was in January of 2020 and now emails are going out to remind people about the payment.

Emails went out at the beginning of October about their eligibility for the payment or protection.

Originally all payments were supposed to go out by paper check, but there is now another option. JND Legal Administration has decided they can send payments with Paypal or with a prepaid debit card.

Be sure to check your email with any information regarding the payments. This is important because so much time has gone by and people may have forgotten.

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