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Missing woman Alexis Gabe: family still searching for her remains

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A missing woman named Alexis Gabe disappeared 9 months ago and her family believes she is dead. Now, they search for her remains.

missing woman alexis gabe family still searching for remains

Alexis Gabe went missing from the San Francisco Bay area and is believed to have been killed on January 26.

According to News Nation, the 24-year-old missing woman and the suspect in her murder are both assumed to be dead.

The family changed their search in September from locating information on where she was to leading them to her remains.

The reward still stands at $100,000.

Her killer is believed to be Marshall Curtis Jones, who was killeed by the Seattle area police while they were trying to arrest him for her murder.

Over 700 people have been searching for Gabe’s remains and focusing around the northern area of Defender Grade Road in Pioneer, California.

Why are searchers looking in this area for missing woman Alexis Gabe and her remains remains per her family’s request?

While police were searching Jones’ home with a warrant, they located handwritten directions.

The area has been searched since July, but now Gabe’s father believes the directions were used incorrectly.

A search volunteer had discovered bones in the area, but they were later confirmed to belong to an animal.

These handwritten directions are believed to be the area where Gabe’s remains are located.

The handwriting matches Jones’ and the directions head to a remote forest two hours from his home.

Police believe Jones got lost driving the route because he had to turn his phone on, which police were able to find his location on.

The murder of the missing woman

Around two weeks before her death, Jones allegedly told a friend he was thinking about killing Gabe.

He asked where the best place to hide a body would be, but the friend thought he was joking.

Jones and Gabe dated for three years, and the family felt like he was family. They were shocked he was capable of this.

In June Jones was located in the state of Washington, where he lunged at police with a knife while they tried to serve him an arrest warrant.

Police opened fire on him, killing him.

Her family was devastated they could not ask him where their daughter was, but they remain hopeful as they search for her remains.

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