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Winter is set to begin but Syracuse is down by 17 plow drivers

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Syracuse, one of the hardest hit cities in winter, is down 17 snow plow drivers ahead of the start of snowfall season.

snow plow drivers down in syracuse, needed ahead of winter despite shortage

Jeremy Robinson, head of public works, shared the details with the Syracuse Common Council. 

According to CNY Central, Robinson said that “the days of people knocking down the door of the city to get a job are long gone.”

What’s being done about the shortage of snow plow drivers in Syracuse?

The biggest issue is the shortage of qualified drivers who have a Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL.

Robinson shared that there are so many Public Works jobs open right now he cannot keep track of them all off the top of his head.

One question regarding how to attract more drivers was if there was a way to pay them more.

Corey Driscoll Dunham, Chief Operating Officer for the city said they will discuss improving incentives with union leadership.

It isn’t just Syracuse with a plow driver shortage. New York State is facing one as well according to Council President Helen Hudson.

Robinson cited residency requirements as one of the reasons hiring more drivers is hard to do.

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