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Natural gas prices will rise 25-40% this winter: Customers can expect bills to be hundreds higher

Energy bills are about to rise even more.

Supply costs are on the rise and home heating season is expected to be an expensive one, according to new reporting by News10NBC.

Rate increases have been requested by NYSEG and RG&E. That’s on the delivery side of the bill. However, most customers are going to see significant increases on the supply side of the bill, too.

The latest data shows that supply of natural gas this winter will be between 25-40% costlier than it was last year. For the average residential user, that means increased costs in the hundreds over the course of winter.

Electric cost increases will be less. But, will still come with a 6-10% increase.

“The waves of supply and demand fluctuations translate into costs and inflation, home heating is one of those victims,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. He’s committed to adding $1 billion to HEAP for this upcoming winter season. “It’s still wreaking havoc on our supply chains across the globe and it’s impacting every industry, the advance of the global economy is not at the pace we need.”

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