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2022 New York State Fair comes to a close: How did it compare to last year, or pre-pandemic attendance?

The New York State Fair fell short of pre-pandemic levels, but after a rainy Labor Day, the fair ended with around 900,000 people making their way through the gates.

In 2019 more than 1 million people attended the fair. Despite not reaching those levels, vendors said it was a successful year. Attendance was higher than in 2021.

On Sunday, 104,000 people attended the fair. That was 56,000 more than in 2021.

Most people agreed – whether they were attendees or vendors – that the 13-day experience was better than the experimental 18-day fair that ran in 2021.

“Too much, that’s overdoing it,” fairgoer Jason Pobutkiewicz told CNYCentral. “The 13-day, that’s good, the 18-days, whoof.”

The fairgrounds closed at 9 p.m. on Monday, September 5 after a dreary, rainy Labor Day.

Here’s a breakdown from state officials on each day of the fair:

DayFair Date20212022+/-Record
Day 1Wednesday, August 2437,59149,112+11,52174,027 (2019)
Day 2Thursday, August 2531,91048,591+16,68186,353 (2018)
Day 3Friday, August 2643,90758,450+14,54398,238 (2019)
Day 4Saturday, August 2756,82089,797+32,977127,394 (2018)
Day 5Sunday, August 2845,30479,324+34,020123,206 (2017)
Day 6Monday, August 2932,89247,912+15,020103,842 (2019)
Day 7Tuesday, August 3040,81734,481-6,336102,098 (1972)
Day 8Wednesday, August 3144,89978,010+33,111112,774 (1972)
Day 9Thursday, September 135,98474,120+38,136112,409 (2018)
Day 10Friday, September 255,58482,615+27,031124,172 (2019)
Day 11Saturday, September 364,86793,512+28,645147,749 (2019)+
Day 12Sunday, September 457,875103,924+56,049119,726 (1985)
Day 13Monday, September 558,65948,262-10,397125,748 (2018)
13-Day Total607,109888,110+281,001
Yearly Total798,095888,110+90,0151,329,275 (2019)