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Developer scraps plans to build single-family homes in Corning, opts for rental units that will cost $2,800-$3,500 per month

A major housing project in Corning is moving forward.

After years of setbacks, plans for the Northside Blodgett Housing development are taking shape. In fact, local officials say those plans are looking a little more concrete.

In 2019, Rochester-based Riedman Companies planned to build 20+ single-family homes. The homes would’ve been priced around $300,000 each.

Now, the plan is to construct build-to-rent properties, as part of the overall effort at that site, which is a former school.

Company officials say COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the housing market, including the cost of materials, which prompted a stop of the original plan.

“The cost escalations we’ve seen across the board in home building and apartment development have been very significant,” David Riedman, President & CEO of Riedman Companies said.

Now, instead of $300,000 single-family homes – the units will be rented for $2,800 to $3,500 based on size. The units will be marketed toward single-family demographics around Corning.

Local planning and elected officials said they were excited about the project moving forward. Construction should start soon, too.