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UPDATE: State amends policy, allowing off-duty cops to carry guns at New York State Fair

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New York State will now allow off-duty police officers to carry weapons at the State Fair.

The update comes just 24 hours after off-duty cops were told they would not be able to enter with firearms due to a state Ag and Markets policy.

“The bottom line here is that we have many, many police officers who obviously all have training and are very proficient in firearms. Of course we hope we never have to use them, but the reality of this situation is, is that we have seen too many mass casualties at mass gatherings. How do we best address it? I think it’s always best if you have more law enforcement present, whether off duty or on duty then less,” Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway told WSYR-TV.

Off-duty law enforcement may have to enter through a separate gate this year as result of the policy change. However, specifics on that front were not immediately available.

Firearms will still not be allowed for those who are not off-duty law enforcement.

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Original: Off-duty cops told they can’t bring firearms to state fair

Off-duty police officers will no longer be allowed to carry their weapons while attending the New York State Fair.

Police departments across New York were notified in an email on Tuesday, which was obtained by

Guns are not allowed on the fairgrounds. However, off-duty police officers have been an exception.

The email, which was signed by New York State Police Major Michael TenEyck reads, “Police officers that are ‘on-duty’ will be permitted to carry, however, the State Dept of Ag and Markets has elected to NOT allow ‘off-duty’ police and peace officers to carry department or personally owned firearms on the property.”

The decision was not made by New York State Police.

When inquired as to why the State Fair would change its policy for off-duty law enforcement officers their response didn’t address the question at-hand. “The Fair has a longstanding policy of banning guns on the Fairgrounds, and this policy has not changed,” their response read.

Several law enforcement leaders in the Syracuse area say they are concerned by the move.