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Zeldin says he’d propose massive tax cut for all New Yorkers if elected in November

If Republican candidate for governor Lee Zeldin wins election in November, he says pushing for a massive tax cut would be top priority.

Details of the plan are not clear yet.

“I believe we need to find relief across the board and there are many, many ways to do it,” Zeldin said in Albany. “I believe we need to cut income taxes across the board, I believe the estate tax should be eliminated. We need to put together a package that would be the largest tax cut in the history of the state.”

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He says eliminating and cutting taxes is one way to stop the bleeding when it comes to loss of jobs and population in New York.

“You need to send that message to individuals who are thinking about fleeing the state,” Zeldin added.

Personal income tax is where the state collects most of its tax. The state could face budget gaps in future years if spending is not addressed alongside those proposed tax cuts.