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More violence at Elmira Correctional: Inmate attacked by three others, requires medical treatment

NYSCOPBA says an inmate at the Elmira Correctional Facility was hurt after being attacked by other inmates.

On August 3, an officer observed three inmates attack another inmate. Staff gave orders for the inmates to stop. However, they did not.

Tear gas was deployed and the inmates stopped fighting.

The inmate was treated for his injuries, which included a five inch laceration, which needed 18 stitches.

No staff were injured in the attack. Video of the incident showed one inmate making several slashing motions at the inmate.

“These are unprecedented times for our membership with inmate on staff and inmate on inmate assaults at historic levels,” NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President Kenny Gold said. “Only four short months have passed since the HALT Act went into place, and it is obvious that the legislators who supported this foolish and dangerous legislation have no regard for the men and women who don our uniform every day to keep our communities safe. Not even two weeks ago, multiple members were assaulted at Elmira and here we are reporting more violence again both on our members and inmate on inmate. Nothing will change until the legislature recognize their stance on HALT will lead to someone getting killed.”

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