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Schools are facing a teacher shortage: Union says paying more is only way out

Public schools are facing a staffing challenge. Not unlike the rest of the economy- there are more jobs available than people to fill.

Now, the New York State Union of Teachers says the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

“We are hopeful that districts will take the time to really look and prioritize where the money needs to be spent,” said Jolene DiBrango, Executive Vice President of NYSUT, “and we believe that a significant amount of money needs to go towards staffing.”

It comes down to money, they say. Union reps say the best path forward to filling positions across the board is to pay more.

However, that’s expensive and comes with challenges.

“I believe educators are underpaid, period,” Syracuse School District Interim Superintendent Anthony Davis said. “But we have what we have and there’s a joy that goes along with this profession, and I think that’s the most important piece. If you want to do this work its about the work, its not about the money.”