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I have a bug bite, which bug bit or stung me?

As summer progresses, so do the amount of bug bites or stings people see after things like camping or bonfires.

Mosquito that can cause a bug bite or sting that itches.

While the sting or bite is annoying, it may help to figure out which type of bug did it so you can treat it.

There are plenty of creams or lotions that help with the itching or pain if you know what to use

How to identify the type of bug bite or sting based on what it looks and feels like

Tick bites result in the tick sticking to the skin while it sucks blood and swells up.

These bites could cause fever, headache, or body aches.

Bee stings will swell and cause pain and sometimes the stinger gets stuck.

This could cause itching and dizziness.

Wasps feel the same as bees, but the stinger won’t usually get stuck.

The Asian Hornet may cause pain and swelling. It has more venom than a wasp.

Horseflies will bite and tear the skin and can cause dizziness, weakness, and shortness of breath.

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Spiders will bite in two spots with venom.

Mosquitos cause an itching bump for a few days and could cause discomfort.

Ants may cause skin inflammation with some pus.

Bed bugs can cause redness with little blood and itchy skin.

A flea will bite in several spots in the same area and cause a lot of itching.

While these bites can be uncomfortable and in some cases cause an issue with your health, you can treat them.

You can start by applying ice to the area and raise the arm or leg that was bitten.

If your doctor prescribes an antihistamine, you should take it as directed and use some type of ointment prescribed by a doctor.

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