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New Mexico stimulus payments worth up to $500 going out soon

Stimulus payments worth as much as $500 will soon be sent to millions of New Mexicans as the state tries to help offset inflation.

cash sent by stimulus payments to new mexico residents in July

Many states have started sending out stimulus payments as a way to help residents afford gas and groceries.

A lot of stimulus programs are modeled after federal stimulus checks.

New Mexico is sending up to $500 to its residents

There have been two rebate programs that helped Americans in the state so far.

The first program sent stimulus payments worth as much as $1,000 to taxpayers in the month of June.

The first round did not have any restrictions for who could and could not receive the money.

For this second round, there are eligibility requirements.

Up to $975 stimulus payments being sent to 260,000 Pennsylvania residents

What you see as a payment is determined by your income.

Depending on what you make and your filing status, you may not qualify.

For 2021 single filers, as long as your income did not exceed $75,000, you will qualify for a payment worth $250.

Married filers who have income that does not exceed $150,000 will see $500 payments.

Payments started going out the week of July 3 after the holiday.

Payments are being sent automatically based on state tax returns.

If you owe state taxes, you can use the rebate to help offset whatever you owe.

Around 210,000 paper checks are expected to be sent.

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