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Stimulus HAF payments worth up to $80,000 for homeowners

There are millions of Americans getting help with their mortgages through stimulus payments from the HAF program.

HAF stimulus check payments for mortgages

Some of these Americans are seeing as much as $80,000.

This is a program funded with American Stimulus Act money and run through the National Council of State Housing Agencies.

HFA stimulus payments explained

While homeowners still attempt to recover from the pandemic, many have fallen behind on their mortgage payments.

States had to apply for the money, and all states chose to apply.

Most states are choosing to run the program through their own Housing Finance Association.

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Each state is working with the Department of Treasury to create a program for the money.

You can apply for payments directly through your state.

You will need to meet certain requirements, many of which include owning the home as a primary residence, as well as showing you suffered financial hardship.

Many states already have a program in place, and if they don’t then they are preparing to start one.

Some states like California are sending as much as $80,000 per household in stimulus payments.

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