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Stimulus checks worth $2,000 could be going to Pennsylvania residents

As the prices of gas and groceries become unaffordable, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has proposed sending $2,000 stimulus checks to residents.

cash from stimulus checks pennsylvania residents may soon see under new proposal

The new budget is set to be done by June 30, and that may be included.

There is an extra $2.2 billion dollars from federal stimulus funding that was given to the state.

Will Pennsylvania residents really see a $2,000 stimulus payment?

The funding would come from money given under the American Rescue Plan.

$500 million of that money would be used to fund the program, which is called the PA Opportunity Program.

Payments still going out in some states

Wolf stated that with gas prices and the cost of other things rising everyday, he wants to help residents living paycheck to paycheck.

Eligibility for stimulus payments

In order to be eligible, residents must meet certain requirements.

Families household incomes cannot exceed $80,000.

In addition to these stimulus payments, there would be plans to support small businesses that were impacted during the pandemic.

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