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Stimulus payments worth $660 for 110 Louisuana families

Over 100 struggling families in Shreveport, Louisiana are able to receive monthly stimulus payments of $660.

cash from stimulus payments residents in Lousiana are seeing

In all, 110 families will see $660 each month for 12 months.

These payments are similar to stimulus payments, but are UBI payments.

Where stimulus payments are one time payments, UBI payments are recurring and happen weekly, monthly, or even annually.

Louisiana stimulus payments

According to the Mayor of Shreveport, 25% of its residents are living in poverty.

There are some requirements for getting the payments each month.

$500 payments given monthly in Rochester, New York

First, you must be a single parent.

A single parent is defined as a mother, father, stepparent, grandparent, caregiver, or legal guardian with a school-age child.

Next, your income must be 120% below the federal poverty line.

Your child must be at least three years old and under the age of 20 as of Aug. 2021.

You cannot be residing with a partner if you aren’t married.

The application for the stimulus payments ended Jan. 17, 2022.

One program is for the treatment intervention group and one for the control group.

The intervention group will see the stimulus payments but the control group will not.

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