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Stimulus payments worth $1,000 could be sent to 15,000 California residents

There are thousands in California who may soon see $1,000 monthly stimulus payments for 5 months.

cash students could see if they suffer from homelessness in California through stimulus payments

This means selected qualifying residents would see a total of $5,000 dollars in all.

This is a UBI program, meaning these payments are recurring.

In this case they are monthly payments lasting five months, instead of a one time stimulus payment.

Who will see the stimulus payments?

If the proposal passes, those currently homeless may qualify.

Specifically, students in need who are suffering from homelessness will qualify.

The goal is to lessen the barriers between poverty and higher education.

Stimulus checks and payments for Summer 2022

The Sun reports that 15,000 seniors were homesless during the 2020-2021 academic school year.

The original proposal, which did not gain traction, would have given 14,000 homeless students $500 per month for one year.

How to qualify

You must be an enrolled senior in California.

You must also be homeless.

A Student Aid or California Dream Act application must be filled out and submitted.

These pauments will not be considered income and won’t impact other state benefits like food stamps.

Should this bill pass, payment dates will be one the first of the month from April through August of 2023.

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