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Stimulus checks worth $400 for Colorado residents

Colorado taxpayers will soon see stimulus payments worth $400 thanks to Governor Jared Polis.

cash from stimulus checks residents in Colorado can expect this summer

Payments are expected to be sent sometime this summer.

Inflation has influenced a lot of states to start sending their residents more stimulus money.

Colorado stimulus checks

As the cost of gas, groceries, and rent continues to increase, Americans are struggling to afford it all.

Payments for financial help worth up to $850 available in these 10 states

The Colorado government has decided to send the extra money they have back to taxpayers in the form of stimulus checks.

Each individual taxpayer can see up to $400, while married filing jointly taxpayers will see up to $800.

Everyone eligible can expect their payment in the mail via paper check.

The checks will arrive sometime in August or September.

All full time residents that filed taxes for 2021 are eligible.

The cutoff for eligibility to receive the check was May 31, 2022.

Around 3.1 million Colorado residents had their returns filed by that date and can expect the stimulus check.

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